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At Analogue Life we focus our attention primarily on contemporary Japanese housewares. Most of the products we carry are handmade by artisans or craftsmen working out of small studios, or small manufacturers, many with long histories and employing age old techniques perfected over generations.

It used to be not long ago that if we mentioned Japanese craft, it immediately conjured images only of washi lamps, traditional lacquer bowls, tatami mats, shoji screens and Ukiyoe prints. We love all those things, but contemporary Japanese designers working sometimes in collaboration with traditional craftsmen have applied the traditions of simplicity, elegance, and harmony beyond those, to a variety of household goods. At Analogue Life we strive to offer international customers a range of those well crafted, well designed products that reflect what is being produced today by young artists and artisans as well as established master craftsmen.

Our online shop ships worldwide and in the past few years we have shipped wares all across the globe to countries in all continents. (For more detailed information on ordering/shipping check here)

We use a simple system that allows us to have a short dialogue with all our customers to complete each order rather than using a fully automated system. We hope that after all the sweat and effort that went into producing each piece, that our customers will not mind the extra step. And the artist and craftsman who generally like to sell their work in person are are happy in the knowledge that the sale of their work online is not a completely anonymous experience.

In March 2011 we opened a small shop in Nagoya, Japan. Located on the 2nd floor of a beautiful Showa era house in Mizuho Ward, the shop blends contemporary styling with Showa period architectural elements. Seperately the first floor of the building houses Tsukihiso, a gallery that has exhibitions of kimonos, ceramics, prints, and other works from the the 10th to the 20th of each month.

If you have any questions about products, ordering, or shipping don't hesitate to contact us at

Ian Orgias & Mitsue Iwakoshi

Analogue Life Nagoya Shop is open Wednesday to Saturday 12-6pm.
Access: 10 minutes walk from Sakurayama Stn on the Sakuradori line. MAP


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Analogue Life
2nd Floor,4-9-2 Shogetsu Cho,
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