Tajika Scissors

Tajika Haruo Ironworks , located in Ono City, northeast of Kobe, has been producing high quality, handcrafted scissors and shears for over four generations since its founding in the Showa Period. Father and son, Takeo and Daisuke Tajika, forge, shape and sharpen each piece by hand using techniques handed down by their forbearers.

 Tajika Copper Scissors  Tajika Copper Scissors  Tajika Household Scissors Tajika Kitchen Shears

TAjiKA Copper Scissors L

TAjiKA Copper 
Scissors S


TAjiKA Kitchen Shears

TAjiKA Flower Shears TAjiKA BRANCH & ROOT SHEARS  Takeji Garden Shears  Tajika Garden Clipper

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TAjiKA Branch & Root Shears

Takeji Garden Shears

Tajika Garden Clipper

TAjiKA Gift Box

Tajika Gift Box for
Copper/Household Scissors