Originally from Kenya, Kirsten Hecktermann is a textile artist , designer and stylist in the UK. She produces beautiful handmade cushions using both modern and antique fabrics, often hand-dyed and embellished with embroidery. She has also designed a series of wood and bone tableware most of which is handmade at her fathers workshop in Kenya.


Kirsten Hecktermann Spoons

Bone Salt Spoon Bone Spoon Bone Spoon Bone Butter Knife

Bone Salt Spoon

SOLD OUT**Bone Spoon Medium

SOLD OUT**Bone Spoon Long

SOLD OUT**Bone Butter Knife

3 Kirsten Hecktermann Spoon Kirsten Hecktermann Cooking Spoon blank Kirsten Hecktermann Honey Spoon blank Kirsten Hecktermann Butter Knife

SOLD OUT**Short Spoon

SOLD OUT**Cooking Spoon

SOLD OUT** Honey Spoon

SOLD OUT**Butter Knife