George Peterson | CIRCLE FACTORY
George Pertson

Wood Turner/ Sculptor - Born 1966
George Peterson is a self taught wood turner and sculptor whose work has been featured in many prestigious craft magazines including American Craft Magazine. His sculptural work is also in the the collection of the Boston Fine Arts Museum.

George's Bowls which are made from a varitey of wood including North American white oak, Walnut and maple are made entirely by hand. George turns and shapes the bowls with hand held tools which allows for the free form, organic shapes that he produces. No two bowls are exactly alike.


George Peterson Bowls

White  Bowl White  Bowl White Bowl Vessel

Maple Bowl A

Maple Bowl B

Black Bowl C

Stitched Vessel

3 Black Bowl Black Bowl blank Black Bowl blank Black Bowl

**SOLD Black Bowl

**SOLD Black Bowl

**SOLD Black Bowl

SOLD Black Bowl

3 Black Bowl blank blank

Stool ( Walnut )

Stool (Black Stain)

Stool ( Maple )

Stool ( Black Stain)

3 blank blank

Stool (Maple)