Gifts for less than ¥2,000
3 Quince Tableware blank Hana Fukin (Kitchen Cloth)Blue blank Cotton Towel blank Sandalwood Rosemary Soap

Condiment Spoon Set

Hana Fukin (Kitchen Cloth)Blue

Cotton Face Towel

Sandalwood Rosemary Soap

3 Kitchen Cloth blank Bamboo Charcoal Soap blank Iron Coaster blank Straw Trivet

Kitchen Cloth
(3 Set)

Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Iron Coaster

Straw Trivet

3  blank Dustpan with String blank blank

Eclipse of the sun Bottle Cap Opener

Harimi Dustpan

Harimi Dustpan

Iron Trivet

3  blank Ceramic Cup blank blank

Paper Straws


Porcelain Spoon

Ceramic Rice Bowl

¥2,000 to ¥5,000
Kami Schale Kami Mug Cup Brass Teaspoon Mug Cup

Kami Schale

KAMI Mug Small

Brass Teaspoon

Mug Cup

Semiporcelain Cup Oak Bowl Kami Glass Coffee Scoop

Ceramic Cup

Kashiwan Oak Bowl

KAMI Glass

Wood Coffee Scoop

Butter Case Teapot Hand Towel  Chopstick Rests

Butter Case

Kyusu ( Teapot)

Hand Towel

 Chopstick Rest
(4 set)

Brass Handled Butter Knife Beeswax Candle Brass Trivet Accordion Filebook

Brass Handled Butter Knife

Beewax Candle

Brass Trivet

File Book

¥5,000 to ¥10,000
3 Iron Key Ring Handcarved Santa Glass Pitcher Household Scissors

Iron Key Ring

Handcarved Santa

Glass Pitcher

Household Scissors

3 Tadafusa Kitchen Knife Wood Canister Tea Canister Kakudo Butter Case

All Purpose Kitchen Knife

Wood Canister

Copper Tea Canister

45° Butter Case Walnut

above ¥10,000
Saori Omomo Pin Holder Iron Bookends Yasuko Ozeki Teapot Copper Kettle

Saori Omomo Pin Holder

Iron Bookends


Copper Kettle

Futagami Tape Dispenser Cherry Bowl Urushi Plate Iron Kettle

Brass Tape Dispenser

Cherry Bowl

Fuki Urushi Rim Plate

Iron Kettle

Kinchaku Kago walnut Tray Copper Pitcher Shoji Morinaga Wood Vessel

Kinchaku Kago
(Drawstring Bag)

Walnut Tray

Copper Pitcher

Wood Vessel


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