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Hand Broom

Maker: Artisan made for Shirokiya Denbei
Country: Japan

Japanese craftsmen have been producing beautiful handmade grass brooms for hundreds of years.
This small broom accented with red binding is woven from high quality grass making it supple and easy to use. For added strength the top edge is fitted with a durable frame made from bamboo.

The broom and dustpan are ideal for cleaning up small spills, tabletops and kitchen counters.

A perfect match for use with the Harimi Dustpan.

Dimensions: Broom W11cm xH 13-15cm
Material: Grass

Product No:S-21 

Hand Broom

1,365 Yen 
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Product No: S-6-1

Harimi Dustpan    Dimension: 20cmx20cm

1,260 Yen 
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