Daruma Tawashi- Shuro

Daruma Tawashi -SHURO

Design: Masanori Oji
Made in Japan

Made from tightly bound natural palm fibers , tawashi are a durable, effective and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and metal scouring pads. They are used in Japan for everything from washing vegetables to scrubbing pots and pans. Masanori Oji designed these tawashi with one end wide for general use and a narrow end for corners and tight areas.
The PALM tawashi has harder bristles making it useful for cleaning pots and pans, while the SHURO with its softer bristles can be used for delicate items such as wood or glass that may scratch.
The YORI TOKORO HALF lets you have a combination of hard and soft bristles in one tawashi.

Dimensions: 8.0cm×14.0cm×5.5cm
Weight: 62g

Product No.S-34-1

Daruma Tawashi -SHURO

900 Yen
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