Bamboo Bag

Bamboo Bag

Maker: Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten
Made in Japan

Nara based fabric maker Nakagawa collaborated with bamboo artists from the Beppu region of Oita prefecture to produce these lovely summer bags. Production was limited to a total of only 30 bags, each meticulously woven by hand. The bags are delicate in appearance, but very sturdy and made from what is said to be the finest bamboo in the region.
The process of producing each bag involves many steps, including harvesting the bamboo in early winter for optimum quality. Cutting, spitting and peeling the bamboo to prepare fine supple strips. And finally, painstakingly weaving the strips by hand. Rattan is used to reinforce the corners and support has been added to the bottom. Bamboo deteriorates less than leather or wood and ages well, taking on a lustrous brown hue.

Size: W28cmx26cm(with handle) Weight:398g

Product No.S-39

Bamboo Bag

15,000 Yen
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