Shuro Hoki

Shuro HoKi (Palm Broom)

Maker: Artisan made
Made in Japan

Part of our series of beautiful objects for everyday use made by artisans and craftsmen skilled in traditional techniques.

Shuro brooms and brushes have been around since the Edo period. The shuro is a tree in the palm family, native to Kyushu that has a fibrous bark. Used to make ropes and brushes, it has always been part of everyday life in Japan.

This small shuro broom is soft enough to use on almost all surfaces including unfinished wood without scratching them. Perfect for sweeping off tables shelves etc, or lovely just for display.

Material: Hemp palm
Dimensions: W7cm X H16cm
Weight: 26g

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Shuro Broom

1,575 Yen 
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