Iron Candle Holder

Katakuchi (Pouring Vessel)

Design by Sゝゝ(ES)
Made in Japan

The stated goal of design company Sゝゝ (ES) is to ' take Japanese traditional technique into the modern form'. They have achieved this by collaborating with skilled artisans and craftsmen to create a series of stylish, contemporary products using traditional techniques and materials.

Designed by Sゝゝ these katakuchi are produced at the Morihisa Suzuki Workshop in Morioka Iwate, the hometown of "Nanbu Iron".

Katakuchi are vessels of varying shapes which can be used while dining for pouring sauces, gravy or alcohol. The interior of each vessel is coated with colored Urushii (Japanese Lacquer)

Material: Iron, Urushi (Japanese Lacquer)
Dimensions: W15.0cm×D5.0cm.xH5.0cm  
Weight: 600g

Product No.T-37-5

Katakuchi (Dark)

11,550 Yen 
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