hagi series - katazara  by Osamu Saruyama, Ceramics by Shiro Hamanaka

katazara-diamond - Design by Osamu Saruyama, Ceramics by Shiro Hamanaka

hagi series - katazara diamond

Design by Osamu Saruyama
Made by Shiro Hamanaka -Oyagama (Kiln)

This series of Hagi tableware results from a collaboration between Osamu Saruyama of "guillemet layout studio" and Shiro Hamanaka of "Oya-gama" in Hagi, Yamaguchi prefecture . Established by Shiro Hamanaka's father Oya-gama(kiln) is well known and very highly regarded for its craftsmanship. Hamanaka who is now the director of the kiln has also been gaining attention for his personal, more conceptual work.

The origins of Hagi-ware go back about 400 years and has much of its roots in the world of the tea ceremony.
Sarauyama and Hamanaka's new interpretation of hagi includes plates and bowls in the warm color and rough textured clay usually associated with Hagi, as well as some pieces in white porcelain.

Short plates for sweets or appetizers.
material: porecelain

Product No.U-16   katazara-diamond (porcelain)

Size: 8cmx8cm   Weight: g

2,000 Yen 
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