Chiritori (Dustpan & Broom)

Produced by Azmaya
made in Japan

An elegant artisan made tabletop dustpan and broom, notable for its craftsmanship. The dustpan, made from Akita Cedar a wood known for its beautiful natural pattern, is an example of traditional Edo Sashimono woodwork which is assembled without the use of nails or bond. The broom is made from Pakin, a strong natural fibre taken from the leaf of a plant found only in Mexico. This dustpan and broom can be used or simply enjoyed as a object of beauty.

** Please note the dimensions of this product as it is quite small.

Material: Akita Cedar, Pakin
Dimensions: DustpanW12.7cm×D11.4cm×H3.3cm

Product No.W-7 

Chiritori Dustpan & Boom

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