Norikazu Oe Exhibition

Sept 4th (Fri) ~ Sept 13th (Sun)
An exhibition of ceramic tableware by potter Norkazu Oe will be held at Analogue Life in Nagoya from Friday September 4th to Sunday September 13th (Closed Sept 8th).

Norikazu Oe Exhibition

2015.06.30  Ceramics by Kan Ito

A small collection of ceramic tableware by potter Kan Ito.

Kan Ito's ceramics are available here...

Kan Ito Ceramics

2015.06.30 Bamboo Baskets

A collection of artisian made bamboo baskets.

Matsunoya's Bamboo baskets are available here...

Bamboo Basket

2015.06.16 Linen Bags & Pouches

Cotton Silk / Linen drawstring pouches in multiple colours and oversized linen shoulder bags are now back in stock from Tsuchiya.

The linen bags and drawstring pouches are available here...

Linen Bags

2015.06.16  Kakubon Square Tray

Heavy weight square trays made from Oak.

The oak tray is available here...

Oak Tray

2015.05.31 Nambu Iron Mosquito Coil Burner

We have a few nambu iron mosquito coil burners back in stock.

The iron coil burners are available here...

Noda Horo Enamelware

2015.05.31 Ceramic Bottles

An elegant series of ceramic bottles available in four glazes.

The ceramic bottles are available here...

Ceramic Bottles

2015.05.31 Nodo Horo Enamelware

We've added enamel butter cases in two sizes and a stylish little enamel butter warmer to our kitchen page lineup.

The Noda Horo enamelware is available here...

Noda Horo Enamelware

Kan Ito Exhibition

May 8th (Fri)~May 17th (Sun)
Closed 12th ( Tues)
An exhibition of ceramic tableware by potter Kan Ito.
Kan ito will be present in the shop on May 8th ( Fri).

Kan Ito Exhibition

2015.5.5 Back In Stock - Copper Tea Kettle

We now have the copper tea kettle back in stock and available to ship immediately.

Azmaya's Copper Kettle is available here...

Copper Kettle

2015.4.17 Ceramics by Kan Ito

New teapots, cups with handles, pitchers and bowls from potter Kan Ito.

Kan Ito's ceramics are available here...

Ceramics by Kan Ito

2015.4.17 Wood Work by Kazuto Yoshikawa

Handcarved wood spoons, knives and boxes from Kazuto Yoshikawa.

Kazuto Yoshikawa's wood work is available here

Wood by Kazuto Yoshikawa

2015.4.17 Hisayo Kurohata Ceramics

A selection of Yunomi from potter Hisayo Kurohata is online now.

Hisayo Kurohata's yunomi are available here

Yunomi by Hisayo Kurohata

2015.4.16 Banshu Hamono Scissors & Shears

Banshu Hamono is a collective of skilled scissorsmiths that have been producing traditional handcrafted blades in the town of Ono for centuries. Now in stock.

Banshu Hamono Scissors are available for purchase here ・・

Banshu Hamono

2015.4.15   Linen Towels by atelier Une place

Highly absorbent, quick drying and soft to the touch. Double gauze towels made from 100% linen by atelier une place.

atelier Une place towels are available for purchase here ・・・

atelier Une place Linen Towel

2015.04.13 Nambu Iron Lidded Box

New from Sゝゝ (es). Stylish mini iron pan designed for use in one their fashionable Tokyo eateries.

The nambu Iron boxes are available here...

Iron Box with Lid

2015.4.13  Analogue Life Original Stools

Analogue Life's two new stools produced with furniture maker Yohei Maruyama are perfect balance of subtle design and quality craftsmanship. Each stool is handmade to order.

The stools are available here...

M.A Stool #3 & 4

2015.4.13  Back in stock

A handbuilt glass kyusu, silverplaited plate and portable copper tea caddies back in stock from Sゝゝ.

Sゝゝproducts are available for purchase here ・・・


2015.2.12 Sake Warmer / Afternoon Tea Stand

We have two new beautiful designs in from Sゝゝ (es). An elegant copper Sake Warmer & Pitcher set and afternoon tea stand with accompanying wood trays.

The Sake Warmer & Afternoon Tea Set are available here...

Chiori Sake Pitcher & Warmer Set

2015.2.12 Ohitsu (Rice Tub )

Ohitsu are tubs designed as a container to keep rice warm at the table. Hand made by artisans, using the beautifully grained Kiso Sawara (Cypress) and fastened with copper bands. Now in stock in larger sizes for three or five cups of rice.

Ohitsu are is available in the Kitchen section here...


2015.1.14 Ironware by Nobuho Miya

We have some ironware back in stock from Nobuho Miya's KAMASADA workshop. Bowls, bottle openers, candle stands and trivets are available now and rice cookers and iron pans will be arriving in the days ahead.

Kamasada's Ironware is available here...

Nobuho Miya Iron Bowl

2015.1.13 Ceramics by Hitoshi Morimoto

New ceramic bowls and plates by Hitoshi Morimoto are back in
the shop.

Hitoshi Morimoto's ceramics are available here....

Hitoshi Morimoto

2015.01.13 Hira Nabe Nambu Iron Pan

New from Sゝゝ (es). Stylish mini iron pan designed for use in one their fashionable Tokyo eateries.

The Hira Nabe Iron Pan is available here...

Hira Nabe Iron Pan

2014.12.21 Tadafusa Kitchen Knives

The craftsmen at Tadafusa have been producing, knives for professional use for three generations. This series, produced for ordinary household use blends a contemporary design with their traditional blade making techniques.

Tadafusa knives are available here

Tadafusa Hand-Forged Knives

2014.11.22  Brass Candle Stand

Two beautifully crafted brass candle stands elegantly packaged in kiri wood boxes.

Brass candle stands are available here

Brass Candle Stands

2014.11.22 Metalware by Yumi Nakamura

We have a small selection of work by designer and metalware artist Yumi Nakamura. Pieces include Nakamura's nickel silver cutlery, tongs and copper kettle.

Yumi Nakamura's cutlery and kettle are available here....

Yumi Nakamura

2014.11.22 Rikuchou Ogasawara Fish Pan

We have added the Nambu Iron Fish Pan designed by Rikuchou Ogasawara to our selection of iron cookware.

The iron fish pan is available here...

Rikuchou Ogasawara Nambu Iron Fish Pan

2014.11.22 Brass and Copper Pin Holders

We have a few of metal artist Saori Omomo's collection of hand crafted pin holders back in the shop now.

Saori Omomo's pin holders are available here...

Saori Omomo Pin Holder

2014.11.22 Tea Leaf Boxes

Our favorite wooden tea caddies are back in stock in Walnut, Cherry and Kurumi.

The Tea leaf boxes are available here....

Tea Canister

2014.11.22  Babagahuri Handwoven Textiles

Handwoven cotton hand towels and bath mats colored using all natural dyes.

Babaghuri's Handwoven towels and mats are available here...

Handwoven Hand Towels

2014.11.22  Tawashi Palm Brushes

Durable tawashi scrubbing brushes made from japanese palm fiber bound with brass wire.

The tawashi brushes are availabe here...


2014.11.22 Suribachi - Spouted Mortar

Sturdy earthenware mortars crafted by artisans in Iga, using the traditional clay and glaze of the region. Available in two sizes.

The spouted mortars are availabe here...


2014.11.22 Iron & Brass Hooks / Hangers

Assorted brass and iron hardware including towel hangers, hooks, towel bars and a unique paper roll holder for the bathroom.

The brass hardware is availabe here..

Brass and Iron Towel Hangers

2014.11.17  momogusa shaker towel Rack

momogusa's orignal shaker inspired towel rack.
**This item ships only domestically. Enquire for details.

 Towel Rack

travel on the table

November 1st (Sat)~November 9th (Sun)
Potter Naotsugu Yoshida and Teteria's Onishi Susumu's are bringing their tea and ceramics event 'travel on the table' back to Analogue Life. Yoshida's ceramics will be exhibited in our regular shop space from Nov 1st to the 9th, while tea tasting and lessons on brewing the perfect cup of tea will be held in Tsukihiso's space on the first floor on the 1st and 2nd. For more information contact us at

travel on the table

2014.10.16   r + y + o stainless flatware

The ryo series of stainless flatware results from a collaboration between metal artist Yuichi Takemata, designer Osamu Saruyama and metalware manufacturer Tasan Kinzoku.

See the ryo series of flatware here...

 ryo flatware

Naoto Okada / Masaru Kawai Exhibition

September 19th (Fri)~September 28th (Sun)
A joint exhibition of Ceramic and Wood tableware, utensils and objects by Naoto Okada ( Ceramics) and Masaru Kawai (Wood) will be held at Analogue Life in Nagoya from Friday Sept 19th to Sunday Sept 28th (Closed Sept 23rd). The artists will be present in the shop on the 19th & 20th.

 Naoto Okada + Masaru Kawai Exhibition

2014.9.12  Iron Sabi Zen

Iron ozen table designed by well known Japanese artist Kouichi Uchida. Uchida's version of the traditional Ozen table gets its name from it's textured, rust (sabi) like finish.

Iron Sabi Zen is available here...

Iron Sabi Zen

2014.9.12  Funagata Bag

We have some new sizes and shapes of Kazumi Takigawa's waxed canvas Funagata bags.

Kazumi Takigawa's Funagata Bags are available here...

Funagata Bags

2014.8.30  Ceramic Works for Table

Cups, bowls, and plates from a collaboration between designer Osamu Saruyama (guillemet layout studio ) , potter Iyama Mikiko, responsible for production direction, and the well known Oya-gama, Kiln located in Hagi, Yamaguchi prefecture.

Ceramic Works for Table wares are available here...

Fish Pan

2014.8.30  Ironware by Kamasada

New stock of Nobuho Miya's elegant Iron Koudai Bowls have arrived along with his bottle openers, and for the first time his iron fish pan.

Kamasada's Iron fish pan and bowl are available here...

Fish Pan

2014.7.24  Ceramics by Tatsuya Hattori

Cups, bowls, teapots and bottles by potter Tatsuya Hattori.

Tatsuya Hattori's ceramics are available here...

Oil Pan

2014.7.24  Trivets & Boards by Kobo Isado

A small selection of wood trivets, cutting boards and spoons from Kobo Isado has arrived.

Kobo Isado's wood is available here...

Kobo Isado

2014.7.18  Bento Box & Butter Case

Magewappa ( Bentwood ) Bento Boxes and Buttercases by Yoshimasa and Yoshinobu Shibata.

Magewappa boxes are available here...

Bento Boxes

Tatsuya Hattori Exhibition

June 14(Sat)~June 22nd (Sun)
An exhibition of tableware by ceramic atist Tatsuya Hattori will be held in our shop in Nagoya from Sat June 14th to Sun June 22nd (Closed June 17th).

Tatsuya Hattori Exhibition

2014.6.4  Futagami Ihada Cutlery

Designer Masanori Oji and metalware maker FUTAGAMI have added three new pieces to their Ihada Brass cutlery series.

FUTAGAMI Ihada Cutlery is available here....


2014.6.4  Hand-blown Glassware

Hand-blown glass sake cup, drinking glasses and bowls by Masaki Kusada

Masaki Kusada's Glassware is available here....

Masaki Kusada Glassware

2014.6.4  Cherry Butter Case

We have added a full size Cherry butter case in addition to the half size that was previousl available.

Azmaya's butter case is available here..

Butter Case

2014.6.3  Copper Kettles by Yumi Nakamura

New Copper Kettles hand made by Yumi Nakamura in two elegant designs.

Yumi Nakamura's Kettles are available here....

Yumi Nakamura Copper Kettle

2014.6.3 Hammered Stainless Pan

This large stainless steel pan has been a favorite with the staff in the kitchen at the Jurgen Lehl/Babaghuri head office in Tokyo.

Hammered stainless pan is available here ....

Hand Hammered Stainless Steel Pan

Takeshi Omura Exhibition

April 12(Sat)~April 20th (Sun)
An exhibition of tableware by ceramic atist Takashi Omura will be held in our shop in Nagoya from Sat April 12th to Sun April 20th. (Closed Wed April 16th).

Takeshi Omura Exhibition

2014.4.7 Ceramics by Yasuko Ozeki

We have a very limited selection of bowls, plates, and cups back in stock from Yasuko Ozeki.

Yasuko Ozeki's ceramics are available here....

Ceramics by Yasuko Ozeki

2014.4.7  Ceramics by Jiro Yoshida

We have a small section of work from potter Jiro Yoshida in the shop for the first time. His work is not available through the shopping cart but pieces can be puchased via email.

Jiro Yoshida's ceramics are available here....

Jiro Yoshida

2014.4.6  Enamel Kettles by Noda Horo

Enamel kettles in 4 colours by Noda Horo.

Noda Horo's Kettles are available here....

Noda Horo Enamel Kettle

2014.3.24 Brass Handle Cheese Knife & Board

Brass handle Cheese Knife and Yamazakura (Japanese Cherry) Cheese Board elegantly designed by Osamu Saruyama for Azmaya.

Cheese Knife and Board is available here....

Brass Handle Cheese Knife & Board

2014.3.24  Futagami Ihada Trays

Beautifully crafted by Futagami. Design by Masanori Oji.

Futagami's Ihada Trays are available here....

Futagami Ihada Tray

2014.3.24   Rattan Basket and Bag

Handwoven rattan basket and bag by Sfera, in a natural, unvarnished finish for a modern contemporay look.

Sfera's rattan is available here....

Sfera Rattan Basket

2014.3.22   Back in stock from Babaghuri

Handwoven cotton bath mats, Jatamansi & Apricot Seed Balm and polished Black Horn Spoons are back in stock from Babghuri.

Babaghuri products are available here....

Babaghuri Housewares

2014.1.16 Iron Kettles by Hisao Iwashimizu

Nambu Iron Kettles from the workshop of Hisao Iwashimizu (Kukan Chuzo)

Kukan Chuzo's  Iron Kettles are available here....

Tetsubin ( Iron Kettle)

2014.1.16 Ceramic Works for Table

Cups and Bowls from the Ceramic Works for Table series by Osamu Saruyama, Mikiko Iyama and Oya-Gama.

Ceramic Works for Table are available here....

Ceramic Works for Table

2014.1.16 kanehen Lamps & Paper Weights

Brass Lamps and paper weights from metal artist Shiori Miyajima.

kanehen's products are available here....

Kanehen Metalware

2014.1.16 Cotton Bath Mats

New 100% cotton bath mats from Nakagawa are in stock. Available in grey and natural.

Nakagawa's bath mats are available here..

100% Cotton Bath Mat

2013.12.23 Norikazu Oe

A few new bowls, pitchers, bottles and Soy sauce pots from Norikazu Oe are now online.

Norikazu Oe's ceramics are available here....

Norikazu Oe Ceramics

2013.12.21 Ceramics by Shinji Hidaka

Cups, bowls and plates by Shinji Hidaka are available online now.

Shinji Hidaka's ceramics are available here....

Shinji Hidaka Ceramics

2013.11.30 Tajika -Takeji Garden Shears

Tajika Haruo Ironworks' Takeiji branded Garden shears and the Tajika Root and Branch Shears are now available in the shop.

Tajika's Branch and Garden Shears are available here...

Takeiji Garden Shears

2013.11.30 Kinchaku Kago

Drawstring bag with a handmade vine basket and handwoven fabric.

Tsuchiya Orimono Sho's Kinchaku Kago is available here....

2013.11.22 Futagami Ihada Tape Dispenser

Solid by brass tape dispenser by Futagami. Design by Masanori Oji.

Futagami's Tape Dispenser is available here....

Futagami Tape Dispenser| Design by Masanori Oji

2013.11.20 Wood Canisters by Fuji Seisakusho

Wood canisters with tightly fitting lids in walnut and Chestnut.

Wood Canisters are available here....

hand-blown glassware by Takara Kinoshita

2013.10.05 Nambu Iron Kettle

Nambu iron kettle and trivet designed and produced by Azmaya.

Nambu iron kettle and trivet is available here..

Tetsubin - Iron Kettle

2013.10.05 Glassware by Takara Kinoshita

Simple clear drinking glasses, pitchers and hanging vases hand-blown by Takara Kinoshita.

Takara Kinoshita's hand-blown glass is available here..

hand-blown glassware by Takara Kinoshita

2013.09.10 Iron Key Ring by Osamu Saruyama

Iron Key Ring designed and produced by Osamu Saruyama.

Osamu Saruyama's Iron Key Ring is available here..


2013.09.7 Magewappa Bento Box

Magewappa bentwood bento box by Yoshinobu Shibata

The Magewappa Bento Box Is available here..

柴田慶信商店 きこり弁当箱

Norikazu Oe Exhibition

August 31(Sat)~Sept 8th (Sun)
An exhibition of ceramic tableware by Norikazu Oe.
Closed Sept 3rd (Tues)

Norikazu Oe Exhibition

2013.08.15 Hako-Zen

Masaru Kawai's cedar boxes are made from a beautifully grained sustainable cedar. Available in two sizes.

The Hako-Zen cedar box is available here..


2013.07.26 Iron Pans

New stock of Kamasada's iron oil pan and a mini pan designed by Rikuchou Ogasawara are in the shop.

Ironware is available here

Iron Pans

2013.07.26 New Funagata Bags

Styled after the ordinary brown paper bag, Kazumi Takigawa's
durable canvas bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Funagata bags are available here

Funagata Canvas Bag

2013.07.26 Ginsai Cups by Tatsuya Hattori

Large and small mug cups with silver interiors by Tatsuya Hattori.

Tatsuya Hattori's cups are available here

Tatsuya Hattori Ceramics

Kouichi Uchida x Matthias Kaiser Exhibition

Kouichi Uchida x Matthias Kaiser Exhibition
2013.6.15(sat) to 2013.6.23(sun)  12 - 7pm
Closed 6.19 (wed)
(Kouichi Uchida and Matthias Kaiser will be present in the shop on Saturday June 15th)

See More about the artists here...

Bowl Exhibition

2013.06.06 Tea Canisters and Tea Leaf Spoons

Handmade Chazutsu ( Tea canisters) and tea leaf spoons in an assortment of shapes and woods from Tatsuya Aida.

Tatsuya Aida's spoons and canisters are available here

Tatsuya Aida

2013.06.06 Textiles by Tsuchiya Orimono-sho

Linen pot mats and oversized linen shoulder sack from Tsuchiya Orimono- Sho are back in stock.

Tsuchiya's textiles are available here..

Textiles by Tsuchiya


Bowls 2013.5.18(sat) to 2013.5.26(sun)
Close Cups, teapots and rice bowls by Tatsuya Hattori.

Tatsuya Hattori's teapots are available here
d 5.22 (wed)
An exhibition of bowls featuring the work of 7 artists.
Naotsugu Yoshida (Ceramic), Shoji Morinaga (Wood), Tadamasa Yamamoto (Ceramic), Joshua Vogel (Wood), Masaki Kusada (Glass), George Peterson (Wood), Tadami Iwamoto (Urushi). A collection of old Japanese bowls from Douguya will also be shown.

Bowl Exhibition

2013.05.09 Ceramics by Tatsuya Hattori


2013.04.20 New products from Azmaya

New products in the online shop from Azmaya includes tea canisters, cups, bowls, butter case, butter knife and container for serving cooked rice.

Azmaya's products are available for purchase here


2013.03.31 Ceramics by Takashi Endo

Ceramic pots, cups and vases by Takashi Endo

Takashi Endo's ceramics are available for purchase here

Takashi Endo

2013.03.5 Wood utensils by Hiroyuki Watanabe

Hand-carved wood tableware and utensils by Hiroyuki Watanabe.

Hiroryuki Watanabe's wood utensils are available for purchase here

Hiroyuki Watanabe Exhibition

2013.03.5 Ceramics by Hitoshi Morimoto

Small plates and bowls by Hitoshi Morimoto

Morimoto's ceramics are available for purchase here


2013.03.5 Wood Bowls by Shoji Morinaga

Turned wood bowls in cherry and Ho wood by Shoji Morinaga

Shoji Morinaga's bowls are available for purchase here

Shoji Morinaga

2013.02.19 Ironware by Kamasada

Candle stand, bowl and bottle openers from Nobuho Miya's
Kamasada ironware workshop are back in stock.

Kamasada ironware is available here

Ironware by Kamasada

2012.12.28 Ceramics by Fumihiro Toda

Cups and creamer by Saitama based potter Fumihiro Toda.

Fumihiro Toda's ceramics are available here

Ceramics by Fumihiro Toda

2012.12.28 Ceramics by Norikazu Oe

Teapots large and small, cups, plates and soy sauce pots by
potter Norikazu Oe.

Norikazu Oe's ceramics are available here..

Ceramics by Norikazu Oe

2012.11.24 Cast Iron Teapots by Kukan Chuzo

Cast Iron teapots from Hisao Iwashimizu's ironware wokshop Kukan Chuzo.

Kukan Chuzo's teapots are available here...

Cast Iron Teapot


2012.11.24 Ironware by Rikuchou Ogasawara

New stock of ironware from the workshop of craftsman Rikuchou Ogasawara.

Ironware by Rikuchou Ogasawara is available here ・・・   


2012.10.31 Washi Box by SOSO

Sturdy A4 size boxes covered with handmade Japanese paper.

SOSO's Washi boxes are available here

Momogusa Cotton Gauze Towel

Metal Works Exhibition

Nov 12th to Nov 24th 2012 at Analogue Life, Nagoya.
An exhibition of metalwork by Kanehen, Yuichi Takemata & Osamu Saruyama.

Metal Works Exhibition

2012.10.05 Momogusa Cotton Gauze Towel

Gallery Momogusa's original line of cotton gauze textiles includes these mini handkerchiefs, face towels and body towels.

Momogusa's cotton gauze towels are available here

Momogusa Cotton Gauze Towel

2012.09.07 Teapot + Cup Exhibition

Sept 8th to Sept 20th
Teapot + Cup Exhibition at Analogue Life.
Norikazu Oe, Takeshi Omura, Matthias Kaiser, Eri Kawaguchi,
Naoto Okada, Yasuko Ozeki.


Teapot & Cup Exhibition

2012.08.31 Bento Box

Hand Made Bento Box by Masaru Kawai.

Masaru Kawai's box is available for purchase here ・・・   

Bento Box by Masaru Kawai

2012.08.04 Ceramics by Takeshi Omura

Ceramic teapots and cups by potter Takeshi Omura.

Omura's ceramics are available for purchase here ・・・   

Ceramics by Takeshi Omura

2012.08.04 forks & spoon by Yuichi Takemata

Staineless spoons and forks, handcrafted by Yuichi Takemata.

Takemata's stainless are available for purchase here ・・・   

Yuichi Takemata

2012.07.25 Tea Leaf Canisters

New tea leaf canisters in Cherry and Kurumi from Tatsuya Aida.
Tatsuya Aida's canisters are available for purchase here ・・・   

Tea Leaf Canister

2012.07.11 Ceramics by Naostugu Yoshida

Tableware by potter Naostugu Yoshida.

Naotsugu Yoshida's ceramics are available for purchase here ・・・   

Ceramics by Naostugu Yoshida

2012.07.11 Basketware by Babaghuri

Handwoven baskets

Babaghuri baskets are available here ・・・   

2012.06.16 Urushi (Lacquer )Tableware

Urushi (lacquer) containers, plates and bowls and cups by husband and wife team Fuji Seisakusho.

Urushi tableware is available for purchase here ・・・   

Urushi (Japanese Lacquer)

2012.05.19 Babaghuri Towels and Cups

light cotton towels and crackle glaze cups from Babaghuri

Babaghuri's towels and cups are available here・・   


2012.05.19 Ceramics by Yasuko Ozeki

We have a few new ceramic pitchers, vases and plates from Yasuko Ozeki.

Yasuko Ozeki's ceramics are available here・・   

Yasuko Ozeki Ceramics

2012.05.19 Ironware

New stock of some of our favorite nambu ironware is in from
Babaghuri & Kamasada.

Ironware is available here・・   


2012.04.19 Woodwork by Yoshiyuki Kato

New tableware, trays and small furniture by Osaka based wood artist Yoshiyuki Kato.

Yoshiyuki Kato's work is available here・・   

Yoshiyuki Kato Exhibition

2012.03.26 Akebi and Bamboo Bags

Akibe Vine and Bamboo bags from Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten.

Nakagawa's bags are here・・   

Akebi and Bamboo Bag

2012.03.26 Glass, Ceramics & Iron from Sゝゝ

Glass bowls, ceramic cups and rice bowls and ironware from Sゝゝ. Some items from this selection may only be available temporarily.

Available here ・・   

Glass, Ceramics & Iron from Sゝゝ

2012.03.05 Kiri Rice Bin and Rice Cooker

New products for storing, preparing and serving rice from Azmaya.

Azmaya's rice cooker and kiri bins are available here ・・   


2012.03.05 Bookends by Rikuchou Ogasawara

Nambu Iron bookends designed by Rikuchou Ogasawara.

Ogasawara's horn bookends are available here ・・   

Rikuchou Ogasawara

2012.01.20 Tea Bowls & Dish by Yasuko Ozeki

We recently received a few of Yasuko Ozeki's beautifully decorated Chawan (tea bowls) in a few sizes along with some small multi-purpse bowls.

They are available for purchase here ・・・   

Naotsugu Yoshida