Tenugui - Mitsumame

1,400 yen ($9.95 USD)

Tenugui, hand dyed, muti-pupose cotton cloths have been an essential item in Japanese homes for centuries. They can be put to use as hand towels, dish cloths, decoratively or as furoshiki for wrapping. Designed with multiple uses in mind the ends are purposely left unfinished which allows the cloths to dry quickly and resist the accumulation of bacteria in humid climates.

Ahiroya’s tenugi are made using the chusen coloring technique, making them reversible, with the designs appearing on both sides of the fabric.


  • Dimensions: W 90cm x D 35cm x H 0.2cm
  • Weight: 33g
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Product No: U-40-2
  • Made in Japan