BANK (Cutting Board Stand)

21,000 yen ($145.08 USD)

The polished granite cutting board stand is designed to minimize contact with the board allowing it to remain clean. The bottom of the stand slopes to the center which has a hole to allow drainage. The weight of the stand will allow it to support heavy cutting boards without tipping.

Aji stone is mined from the foothills of Mount Goken in the eastern area of Takamatsu city, an area with a history in the stone business since the first stones were mined for the construction of Takamatsu Castle in 1588. The stone is characterized by its fine, tightly knit crystals. It is high quality material and the mining, processing and production of stone products rely on highly skilled craftsman at every stage.
The Aji Stone project is one initiative contributing to the revitalization of the stone business, which is the areas core industry.


  • Dimensions: W 12cm x D 9.5cm x H 9.5cm
  • Weight: 1700g
  • Material: Stone
  • Product No: AJI-060
  • Made in Japan