Iro Candle (6pc Set)

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Iro Candle - Black 6pc Set
Height: 8cm / Burn time: 30min

Small Kyo-rosoku (Kyoto style) Japanese candles with short burn times ideal for use during mindfulness practice or meditation.
The candles are produced from wax that is derived from natural plant-based raw materials. The wick, made by wrapping a dried reed around a washi paper cylinder, produces a tall bright flame. Using plant-based wax also result in candles that generate less soot and little smoke.

The Black Iro Candle is picture with the Joto Candle stand available here.

The artisans at Nakamura Rousoku have been producing traditional Kyo-Rousoku (Kyoto style Japanese candles ) in Kyoto since its founding in 1887.


  • Dimensions: L 8cm x W 1.7cm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Product No: AL-NR-BLK-01
  • Made in Japan