Brand: Shimoo Design
30,000 yen ($222.29 USD)

Kamidana which are small household Shinto alters, are typically placed in a Japanese home to enshrine an ofuda, which is a type of talisman that is obtained at a Shinto shrine. The name roughly translates to “god-shelf” in English.

Shimoo Designs Fuyou Kamidana is designed to be hung on the wall. The vertical shelf space would normally hold the paper ofuda while the horizontal shelf can be used to place offerings such as rice, sake or salt. Outside of Japan the kamidana can be used as a shelf to display some treasured objects, bonsai or other small plants or flowers.

Fuyou Series
Inspired by the traditional wood finishing techniques Uzukuri and Negoro, Shimoo Design developed an original method for finishing their line of wood tableware, furniture and housewares . The series branded Fuyou, includes wood plates, trays and platters of varying sizes and forms. Their original technique highlights the woods natural grain and emphasizes its texture while adding a distinctive tone and rustic appeal. A food-safe finish makes the pieces durable and safe from staining when used with wet and oily foods.

Husband and wife, Kazuhiko and Saori Shimoo, established Shimoo Design in 1998. Based on the concept of "beautiful Japanese tools", they design and produce wood furniture and interior accessories for contemporary lifestyles that are influenced by traditional Japanese culture and aesthetics.


  • Dimensions: W 50cm x D 10cm x H 42.5cm
  • Weight: 1155g
  • Material: Ash
  • Product No: SHM-1000
  • Made in Japan