Rice Cooker (5 Cups)

Artist: Tetsuya Otani
40,000 yen ($271.76 USD)

Rice Cooker L (5 Cups)

Tetsuya Otani has been producing his smooth white porcelain wares at the Otani Pottery Studio in Shigaraki he runs with his wife Momoka, since 2008. With a focus on crafting functional tableware, his wheel-thrown vessels and pots have smooth clean surfaces and contemporary forms.

The rice cooker, made from a durable heat resistant clay is designed for use on gas burners. (**The white earthenware pot will stain and darken considerably with use. )


  • Dimensions: Dia 19cm x H 23cm
  • Volume: For 5 Cups
  • Weight: 2800g
  • Material: Clay
  • Heat Source: Gas Burners
  • Product No: TO-39
  • Made in Japan