Susudake Tabi Chashaku

Artist: Toru Hatsuta
12,000 yen ($89.34 USD)

Susudake Tabi Chashsku (Short Bamboo Tea Scoop)
Bamboo craft-artist Toru Hatsuta fashioned these Chashaku from rare "susudake" bamboo. Susudake is ceiling bamboo from traditional Japanese homes that have slowly colored from the smoke of the "irori" hearths in old house, over many decades .

Hatsuta-san made the Tabi Chashaku in a shorter length for daily use in casual informal settings. The shorter size is also portable and convenient for use when traveling. A Chashaku is a traditional Japanese tea scoop, used for measuring and pouring matcha powder. Each comes in a Kiri wood box.

Toru Hatsuta
A native of Tokyo, Toru Hatsuta began learning the art of bamboo craft in 2002. Within years, his pieces were recognized for their exquisite craftsmanship and beauty and selected for exhibition. To this day, Hatsuta-san continues to produce small sale, delicately crafted bamboo wares and utensils for tea ceremony at his studio in central Tokyo. Often working with old bamboo that has been colored naturally with age, his work is inspired by the technical and aesthetic sensibility of old bamboo artists and antique bamboo wares.


  • Dimensions: L 13.5cm x W 1cm
  • Weight: 2g
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Product No: TH-90-2
  • Made in Japan