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In addition to our regular closing days ( Sun-Tues) the Nagoya shop will be closed this week from Wed Oct 7th to Sat Oct 10th. We will be back open for regular hours on Wed Oct 14th.

  • September 29, 2015 Paypal

    Returning users to the site may have noticed that paypal is not currently available as a payment option. This is only temporary and we do expect to have it available on the site again as an option very soon.

  • September 24, 2015 Welcome to the new redesigned Analogue Life site and online shop

    Thank you for visiting our "new" Analogue Life online shop. Some things may have changed since you were last here. To improve service, we have completely updated the back office function of our site. As a consequence of the redesign there will be some aspects of your Analogue Life shopping experience that will change.

    The biggest change is in your ability to find out in real-time whether an item you may be interested in is available for purchase. As many who have shopped with us in the past are aware, much of what we sell is handmade, often in limited quantities. Our original web shop required some manual intervention to verify that items were in stock and confirm shipping charge. Our new site will automate this process, eliminating a step and reducing the time it will take to confirm availability and shipping charges and finalize your purchase. Read more about the new order process here

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