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  • June 29, 2016 Change to our Payment Gateway

    We are currently migrating our system to the payment gateway STRIPE, a leading system for online payments that will give international and domestic customers a smoother, more reliable and secure experience. The change means that previously stored information will no longer be accessible and returning customers may be prompted at checkout to re-register their credit card information to process their orders. Customers experiencing any difficulties can contact us at shop@analoguelife.com . Thank you for your co-operation

  • June 29, 2016 Site Update - New Arrivals

    We have updated the selection on the site today to include some new hand-blown glass from the TANTEN studio of Takafumi Toriyama. We also have new ceramics from potter Toru Hatta, Nabe Pots from Tadamasa Yamamoto and handmade candles from Takazawa Candle. Look out also for new chiku chiku coasters and tea mats from ganga, mosquito coil burners from Babaghuri and Amaya's beautiful crafted hinoki tissue case.

  • June 13, 2016 Site Update -New Arrivals

    We've updated the site today with some brand new arrivals and as well as new stock of some regular items. Look out for a new collection of Kanehen’s one of a kind hand made brass mobiles. We also have a small selection of metalware by Yumi Nakamura from her recent exhibition at Analogue Life. Also look for ceramics by Yoshimitsu Ishihara, new earthenware cookers and bowls from Azmaya and Doraku’s exquisite Oribe glaze rice cooker.

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