Donabe Rice Cooker

Brand: Azmaya
18,000 yen ($133.38 USD)
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Each rice cooker is handmade on a wheel using the local clay from Iga. Iga-yaki pottery is one of Japan’s most highly-regarded traditional ceramics and the clay is said to be the finest for producing donabe due to its porous qualities.The cooker has a thick base which allows it to retain heat well and gently cook the rice. The double lid also acts to give the effect of pressure cooking.


  • Dimensions: W 28.5cm x D 24cm x H 18.5cm
  • Volume: 3 cups
  • Weight: 4.6kg
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Heat Source: Not suitable for use with IH stovetops or electric ranges. Gas stoves only
  • Product No: K-24
  • Made in Japan