Kashizara (Sweets Plate)-Kumotatewaku

Brand: Sゝゝ
11,000 yen ($69.75 USD)
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Wooden plates for serving sweets designed in three patterns inspired by the cloud motif found in traditional Japanese temple carving. Each plate is hand carved from Kusu wood in the village of Inami which has a long tradition of wood carving. The grain pattern and the wood tone will vary from plate to plate.

Tokyo based design studio Sゝゝ ( ES) draws on the materials and skills of traditional Japanese craft to produce contemporary objects for daily use.


  • Dimensions: W 21.5cm x D 10.5cm x H 0.8cm
  • Weight: 87g
  • Material: Kusu
  • Product No: ES-13-2
  • Made in Japan