Tetsu-yu Inka Vase (H15.5cm)

Artist: Fumihiro Tamura
23,000 yen ($153.97 USD)

Wood-fired Iron Glaze Vase / h15.5cm
**The surface texture and color varies across the surface of the piece. View all the images to see each side of the vessel.

Fumihiro Tamura
Potter Fumihiro Tamura, based in his hometown of Okazaki city in Aichi prefecture, has been producing functional tableware since completing his training in 2004. He cites both the pottery traditions of South East Asia as well the Kozeto pottery produced in the Aichi region during the middle ages as strong influences on his ceramics. Much of his pottery is wood-fired in a Makigama resulting in varied tones and textures over the surface of the piece.


  • Dimensions: Dia 8.5cm x H 15.5cm
  • Weight: 694g
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Product No: FT-X-51
  • Made in Japan