Tantetsu Flower Vase (H10cm)

Brand: Kajikobo HIROMITSU
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Iron Bud Vase / height: 10cm

This is a simple wrought iron flower vase, but its charm lies in each hand made piece having a different expression. It has a small glass insert to hold water, allowing it to be used with dry or fresh flowers.

Kajikobo Hiromitsu
Rooted in the tatara iron making industry of the Edo period, the Kajiya (blacksmiths) of Unshu Hirokazu, now known as "Kajikobo Hiromitsu," inherited the traditional techniques of forging edged tools, small farming implements, household items, and sword blades, while also working on the production of craft-works using Tamahagane and Watetsu. For ten generations, they have incorporated the iron techniques and technology of the Izumo region into their work.


  • Dimensions: W 3cm x D 3cm x H 10cm
  • Weight: 642g
  • Material: Iron / Glass
  • Product No: HIR-1-2
  • Made in Japan