Modern Ruins Vase

Artist: Kouzo Takeuchi
200,000 yen ($1,276.42 USD)

MODERN RUINS Vase / W33cm x D18cm x H34cm

Ceramic artist Kouzo Takeuchi's MODERN RUINS series of vases was inspired by the strong impression made upon him during visits to archaeological sites. The series was born as he experimented with how to express in his own work the powerful and overwhelming presence of the old structures. The vessels ranges from small tabletop vases to larger sculptural objects.

Kouzo Takeuchi
Kouzo Takeuchi graduated from the Osaka University of Arts majoring in ceramics in 2001. In 2003 he completed a program at the Tajimi Municipal Ceramic Design Institute. Currently he lives and works in Hyogo Prefecture where he produces sculptural ceramic objects and vessels. His work is exhibited in Japan and internationally.


  • Dimensions: W 33cm x D 18cm x H 34cm
  • Weight: 3000g
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Product No: KT-1000
  • Made in Japan