Daizara (11cm)

Artist: Rimpei Watanabe
7,000 yen ($44.26 USD)

Wood-fired Koudaizara (Footed Plate) / Ø 11cm x H 5cm

Potter Rimpei Watanabe fires both glazed and unglazed ceramics at his anagama kiln in Bizen city. His work, Influenced by medieval and Momoyama-era ceramics, Joseon pottery, and slipware, are reminiscent of ancient ceramics. His pieces are functional, and the sizes and shapes are practical, inviting daily use.

Rimpei Watanabe
1974: Born in Okayama City.
2001: Graduated from the Bizen Pottery Center.
2002: Built an Anagama kiln
Present: Produces wood-fired ceramic tableware for exhibition or sale at craft fairs and galleries.


  • Dimensions: Dia 11cm x H 5cm
  • Weight: 151g
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Product No: CFE-RW-200
  • Made in Japan