Three-tiered Jubako

Artist: Taiki Sugishima
120,000 yen ($764.98 USD)

The three-tiered jubako is made from copper plates that have been tinned and the interior is finished with a baked lacquer process.

Jubako are a traditional Japanese stacking box used for food presentation and storage most often during Oshogatsu (new year's) celebrations. Jubako stack loosely and are not designed to be tight fitting. Sugishima-san baked lacquer on the inside surfaces making the box food safe for use in the traditional manner with food or small sweets. However this unique jubako is work can also be used decoratively and for the storage of small valuables.

Taiki Sugishima
Taiki Sugishima is skilled in using the natural properties of metal to produce vessels with both beautiful, distinctive forms and expressive textures and surfaces. Sugishima who is skilled at both tankin (hammering) and forging techniques often shapes his vessels using the technique shibori, a process that allows the shaping of hollow forms from a flat sheet of metal by repeated hammering.

Sugishima completed the doctoral program in Sculpture at Hiroshima City University Graduate School of Arts in 2001. He later studied the traditional Japanese metalware craft of tankin as well as forging, with two craftsmen skilled in the respective techniques. Currently he produces a variety of work in different materials from cooking pots and utensils to objects, sculptural pieces, and custom work for architectural projects.


  • Dimensions: W 25.5cm x D 6.5cm x H 12cm
  • Weight: 1340g
  • Material: Copper / Tin / Urushi
  • Product No: TS-X-26
  • Made in Japan