Toribashi (29cm)

Brand: Takanochikko
2,100 yen ($13.32 USD)

Toribashi (Serving Chopsticks)
Toribashi are large chopsticks used communally to transfer food from the serving dish to ones own plate.

maker: Takano Chikko
Takano Chikko runs a workshop as well as a gallery shop in Kyoto. The company also manages and maintain the bamboo grove in Nagaokakyo, which is well known for producing the high-quality bamboo they harvest for their products. The craftsmen in their workshop are highly skilled in the production of bamboo tea utensils and also make a wide range of other of hand-made products.

In recent years Takano Chikko also produces utensils using bamboo and other precious old materials re-purposed from old structures around Kyoto.


  • Dimensions: L 29cm x W 1.6cm
  • Weight: 21g
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Product No: TKNO-10
  • Made in Japan