Artist: Takashi Kinjo
5,100 yen ($34.22 USD)

Wood Fork / 19.3cm
Western-style fork with a shape inspired by the Christofle silver dinner fork from the late 1800s.

Gifu-based woodworker Takashi Kinjo specializes in crafting handmade wooden cutlery. He draws inspiration from antique cutlery from Europe, Korea, Southeast Asia, and Africa to create pieces that have rustic beauty and are also functional for everyday use. Kinjo-san is also inspired by old pottery and Buddhist statuary, which influence the colors and textures in his work. His spoons, are often adorned with antique finishes that are created using a combination of pigments, including pine smoke (black), benibana (red), titanium oxide (white), as well as persimmon tannin and Japanese lacquer.

Takashi Kinjo
1981 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
2010 Graduated from Kamimatsu Technical College with a degree in woodworking.
2011 Began producing wooden spoons in Nara Prefecture.
2016 Moved to Gifu Prefecture and specialized in the making wooden utensils.


  • Dimensions: L 19.3cm x W 2.7cm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Material: Itayakaede
  • Product No: TKIN-01
  • Made in Japan