Bashoshi Uchiwa #9

Brand: TSUTO
8,900 yen ($56.90 USD)

Bashoshi Fan with Limestone Base #9

Note: The second and third images show the available fan. The stone base of each fan is unique and differs in size and shape.
Fan #9 dimensions: Stone: W18cm x D13cm x H5cm / Fan: W27cm x H47.5cm

This original uchiwa (Japanese fan) is made of bashoshi paper from Okinawa. Bashoshi paper is one types of ryukyushi paper, which is a paper unique to Okinawa and was first produced during the Ryukyu kingdom era. Only a few craftsmen remain who continue to produce this paper in the traditional way in Okinawa.

The design is inspired by the fan found in the hand of miruku kami, the god of prosperity in Okinawan mythology. Its minimal design and bamboo structure serve to enhance the unique texture of bashoshi paper.

Each fan comes with base carved from limestone that can display the fan in an upright position.The shape of each stone is unique. (note: the hole in the stone may not be perfectly tight fitting, so you may have to adjust the fan in a straight upright position after inserting it into the hole.

Ryukyushi, is a culture of paper craft specific to the Islands of Okinawa.
The paper made by hand from the plants that grow wild on Okinawa, is a unique material thanks to the climatic and historical circumstances of the islands.
Today, there are only a few craftsmen who inherited this craft and still practice it. TSUTO, founded by designer Natsuko Sakka, strives to align the culture and the crafts that originated and flourished on the Ryukyu Islands with contemporary lifestyles and in doing so help to preserves it for future generations.


  • Dimensions: W 27cm x H 49.5cm
  • Weight: 1621g
  • Material: Ito-basho / Bamboo / Limestone
  • Product No: TT-9
  • Made in Japan