Box S - Grey

Artist: Wataru Hatano
6,000 yen ($40.17 USD)

Wataru Hatano’s small stationery boxes are crafted from handmade Japanese paper coated with persimmon tannin for durability and colored with natural pigments.

Originally trained as a painter, paper-craft artist Wataru Hatano lives and works in Kurotani in northern Kyoto, an area known for its Kouzo trees (Mulberry tree) and clean, fresh water, the raw materials of handmade washi. Using traditional techniques that have developed over an 800 year history of paper making in the region, Hatano produces handmade washi paper which he uses for a wide range of objects including stationery, tea mats, table tops as well as for wall coverings and for use in interior design projects.


  • Dimensions: W 17cm x D 12cm x H 9cm
  • Weight: 251g
  • Material: Japanese paper
  • Product No: WH-500-4
  • Made in Japan