Dinner Knife

Artist: Yuichi Takemata
6,700 yen ($42.84 USD)

Stainless Steel Dinner Knife / 22.5cm

Yuichi Takemata's new flatware series is a modern interpretation of a classic European cutlery design. After forming the shape with a press mold each piece of cutlery is finished by hand at his studio in Kanazawa.

Yuichi Takemata
1975: Born in Kanazawa.
1995: Started studying metalworking.
1997: Involved in the production of original accessories at a jewelry shop.
2002: Became independent and opened a studio and shop called "anonymous rhythm."
2004: Relocated and reopened the studio and shop "KiKU."
2007: Started creating lifestyle objects in addition to jewelry. Engaged primarily in activities centered around group exhibitions.


  • Dimensions: L 22.5cm x W 2.3cm
  • Weight: 84g
  • Material: Stainless Steel / Brass
  • Product No: YT-88-3
  • Made in Japan