Kittachi Copper Kettle (650ml)

Brand: Kittachi
70,000 yen ($483.59 USD)

Kittachi Copper Kettle - Wide / Volume 650ml

The Kittachi copper kettle is the latest addition to Analogue Life’s original Kittachi Series. The kettle is made in Tsubame, Niigata prefecture, a city famous for its production of “Tsuiki”, the traditional copper-ware of the region. Each piece is hand crafted in collaboration with Tankosha craft studio, blending traditional crafting methods with modern techniques.

In recent years, more people are brewing coffee in the comfort of their own homes. We designed the kettle to accommodate the needs of this trend. The elegant, compact design makes this a great addition to any counter or table top, while not requiring much space and its extended spout gives its user the versatility to use the kettle for coffee pour-overs.

In contrast with its minimalistic appearance, this kettle is crafted using the a high level of artisanal spinning, hammering, and casting techniques handed down locally for many generations. The main body is crafted with the technique called “Hera-shibori” which is a traditional method of metal spinning performed by highly skilled artisans. Although most marks created in the process of hera-shibori are removed by hammering or polishing, some imperfections are intentionally kept on the body to add a certain layer of texture. The knob on the kettles lids is inspired by “kakitatekan”, a knob design which is unique to kettles used in traditional tea ceremonies.

The interior of each kettle including the spout is lined with a fine coat of tin, while the outer copper surface is colored for an aged aesthetic before finishing with a protective layer of wax. Since each kettle is colored by hand, there will be slight variations in tone from kettle to kettle.

Do not use over a flame greater than the kettle’s diameter. This may heat upper surface/ handle of kettle causing bodily harm and/or sudden discoloration of the kettle. Designed for use with gas burners only.


  • Dimensions: Dia 12cm x H 10cm (incl handle 15.5cm)
  • Volume: 650ml
  • Weight: 652g
  • Material: Copper
  • Heat Source: Gas
  • Product No: AL-100
  • Made in Japan