Kiso Hinoki Yuoke

Brand: Azmaya
15,000 yen ($95.91 USD)

Yuoke are a staple of traditional Japanese bath houses. The wood tub bound with copper rings is used for rinsing off before entering the bath. The natural resin content of hinoki (Japanese Cypress) provides resistance to mold and mildew and the wood is quick to dry and slow to discolor making it an ideal material for bath utensils. The untreated wood has a very pleasant natural scent well suited to the relaxing environment of the bath.

* Wood Tar
An oil like small stain may appear on the wood surface. These are cause from wood tar which is natural resin which forms in the hinoki wood depending on the environment and climate The resin is a naturally occurring characteristic of the wood and is not harmful to the body.


  • Dimensions: Dia 24.5cm x H 11.5cm
  • Weight: 562g
  • Material: Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)
  • Product No: AZM-100
  • Made in Japan