Hagama Rice Cooker (5 CUP)

Brand: Kamasada
36,000 yen ($227.63 USD)
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Hagama Nambu Iron Rice Cooker 2 CUP / Serves 4-5 portions

Kamasada's nambu iron rice cooker, brings the Edo era into the modern kitchen. The simple iron pot with wooden lid heats up evenly and thoroughly, and allows its contents to retain its natural flavours during the cooking process. Each pot is finished with a black lacquer coating and has two detachable handles for carrying the pot while heated.

When using it for the first time, rinse the inside with water to remove dust. -Cooking instructions: wash rice in a separate container, put it in the Hagama, and cook on high heat for 10 minutes, then low heat for another 15 minutes (for 5 cups, a little longer), and let it steam for about 15 minutes before serving.

*Be careful not to turn up the heat too high as the wooden lid may get burned. *Cooking time is an estimate. The performance of gas stoves and IH, as well as the amount of water, may vary slightly. Adjust accordingly to your preferences. Use the same amount of water as the amount of rice or a little more.

-Do not use detergent, but wash lightly with a soft sponge, etc. If the rice sticks, soak it in water until it softens. (If you cooked oily food, use less detergent.) *Please refrain from using steel wool. It may damage the inside and cause rust.
-After washing, wipe off the water and dry it over low heat before storing. *If not dried well, it may cause rust.
-Transfer the leftover food to a separate container as soon as possible. If left in the Hagama for too long, it may become smelly. Also, leaving salty food (such as miso soup) in the Hagama may cause rust inside.
-Do not cover the wooden lid with a damp cloth. It may cause mold and rust. Please dry the lid well in the shade. <Note> -If the inside gets rusted, there is no problem with a small amount of rust, but if it bothers you, follow the steps below: -If the inside of the side is rusted: Rinse well with hot water, wipe off the water, and dry over heat as usual.


  • Dimensions: Dia 24cm x H 23.5cm
  • Volume: 5 Cups
  • Weight: 3900g
  • Material: Iron / Wood (Lid)
  • Heat Source: Ovens / Gas / IH
  • Product No: T-16-3
  • Made in Japan