Tool #1- 1+0 Folding Chair S

Brand: Kan Ito 1+0
60,000 yen ($379.38 USD)

**This item is made to order and ships 3-6 months form the date of order.
An updated copy of an old French folding chair of unknown origin, the 1 + 0 Folding chair was a 2018 Excellence Award Winner at the Craft Competition in Takaoka.

After discovering the original, Kan Ito was impressed with the design both when the chair sat open and in the manner with which it folded elegantly into one flat sheet. Modifications were made to give the new version more durability and special attention given to details such as the wood grain and the use of antique and aged metal fittings. The wood (European Beech) was purposely left unfinished allowing for it to change with age and from the interaction with the metal screws and nails as they age and rust.

About 1+0
Potter Kan Ito collaborates with skilled makers in other fields to produce a line of products branded 1 + 0 ( ichi tasu zero ). Currently the product line ranges from furniture to clothes and coffee.


  • Dimensions: W 37.5cm x D 40.5cm x H 69cm(SH38.5cm)
  • Weight: 1800g
  • Material: European Beech
  • Product No: KI-300-1
  • Made in Japan