Kuro Uchiwa - Sensen

Brand: Kurikawa Shoten
3,500 yen ($22.19 USD)

Artisans in Kumamoto prefecture in the southern part of Japan have been producing uchiwa for 400 years. The kuro uchiwa fans are crafted from hand made Japanese paper colored with seiboku a variety of sumi-ink and coated with persimmon tannin (kaki-shibu), then affixed to a bamboo handle. The tannin coat makes the paper stiff and durable and protects from damage by insects. With care the fans will last for decades.


  • Dimensions: L 37.5cm x W 25.5cm
  • Weight: 28g
  • Material: Bamboo / Japanese Paper
  • Product No: S-250-4
  • Made in Japan