Magewappa Butter Case

Brand: Magewa / Yoshinobu Shibata
7,000 yen ($44.26 USD)
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Magewappa Butter Case / 9cm x 16.5cm x h5cm

The cedar's natural properties will keep the butter spreadable while refrigerated and the case will not be harmed by the cool, moist fridge environment. A small spreader, thoughtfully designed to easily reach the butter even in the corners of the case, is included.

Magewappa is one of the most beautiful examples of traditional Japanese woodcraft. Natural cedar is stripped, boiled, bent and bound with cherry bark. Previously only Akita cedar over a hundred-fifty years was used in the manufacturing process but in recent years, due to conservation efforts, fine grained natural cedar is sourced also from neighboring prefectures in Northern Japan, including Yamagata, Aomori and Iwate Prefectures. Yoshinobu Shibata and his son Yoshimasa represent two generations of Magewappa artisans that are carrying on the tradition.


  • Dimensions: W 16.5cm x D 9cm x H 5cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Material: Akita cedar, cherry bark
  • Product No: W-44-2
  • Made in Japan