Mutsuki Bath Towel - Hanada

Brand: analogue+
5,500 yen ($34.78 USD)

Specially made for Analogue Life, the mutsuki towel is produced from the remarkably soft "wasarashi" cotton. In olden days such material was used in Japan for baby diapers because of a gentle texture that becomes more silken with each wash. Durable and easy to clean, the towels are exceptionally absorbent, dry quickly and repel unpleasant odours.

During production the cotton goes through a process called sarashi, to remove impurities from the natural fiber. The process done in the traditional method lasts two to four days with the fabric boiled by hand in a pot. Textiles made using this method have become rare due to its time-consuming production. But the resulting fabrics are softer since there is less strain incurred in the fabric making process. Color spots may appear due to the natural traits of the textile.

Available in a face and bath towel size, in four colors: white, blue, navy, mustard, and beige.


  • Dimensions: L 128cm x W 63cm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Material: Cotton
  • Product No: F-17-2-2
  • Made in Japan