Copper Coffee Canister (200g)

Brand: analogue+
38,000 yen ($242.29 USD)

Fuukidou Hammand Copper Canister (200g)
Material: Copper / interior silver plated

Hand-hammered coffee canister crafted by the father and son, 2nd and 3rd generation artisans, at the Fuukidou workshop in Nigata Prefecture. This version, finished with a distinctive brown patina is made exclusively for Analogue Life.

Both the body and lid of each canister is made from single sheets of metal that are hammered into a cylindrical shape, resulting in an elegant, clean design that has no joints or visible seams.

A tight fitting inner lid makes it airtight and ideal for storing either beans or ground coffee, as well as tea or other foodstuffs that would benefit from a tightly sealed environment. The inner lid has a brass knob and the interior surfaces are finished with silver plating.


  • Dimensions: Dia 9cm x H 11.5cm
  • Weight: 528g
  • Material: Copper / Silver-plated / Brass
  • Product No: ANG-50-2
  • Made in Japan