Hinoki Cutting Board

Brand: Azmaya
7,200 yen ($45.66 USD)

Hinoki is a type of Japanese cypress that is light and durable with a delicate natural fragrance. It is ideal for cutting boards due the softness of the wood which is gentle on knife blades, and its natural properties help protect boards from moisture and resist bacteria.

Each board is made from a single piece of hinoki cypress wood that is over 200 years old and cut in forest thinning using sustainable forest management practices that help to promote healthy growth.

* The wood may emit an oil like substance. This is a natural resin and is not harmful. The resin can be cleaned off by wiping the area with alcohol.


  • Dimensions: W 36cm x D 18cm x H 3cm
  • Weight: 810g
  • Material: Hinoki ( Japanese Cypress)
  • Product No: AZ-28-60-2
  • Made in Japan