Kiri Rice Bin (10kg)

Brand: Azmaya
12,400 yen ($79.14 USD)

Kiri (Pauownia) Rice Box L / Capacity 10kg

Paulownia wood has been used as a reliable storage container for clothing and food in Japanese daily life since ancient times. Paulownia wood has a high ability to adjust humidity due to its porous structure and contains substances such as tannin, paulownin, and sesamin, which have insect-repellent effects.

A rice bin made of thick solid paulownia wood is especially useful in Japan's kitchen, where humidity is high and seasonal climate changes are significant, as it protects important staple foods from insect damage and mold. The construction of the box is unique to Kasukabe City in Saitama Prefecture, the birthplace of paulownia boxes, and does not use any nails or metal parts. The sliding door-type opening allows for easy and effortless access to heavy rice and easy maintenance. It is possible to store different types of rice separately in cloth bags or other containers within the box.

To store the paulownia box for a year-round period, avoid placing it in humid or sunlit areas and place it in a well-ventilated, cool, and dark location. When the amount of rice decreases, replace it with a new batch instead of adding to the old one. Before doing so, clean the inside of the box with a tightly wrung cloth and let it dry thoroughly.


  • Dimensions: W 30cm x D 24cm x H 27cm
  • Volume: 10kg
  • Weight: 1800g
  • Material: Kiri
  • Product No: K-23-2
  • Made in Japan