Brass Dripper & Stand Set

Brand: Chiba METAL Works & Design
42,500 yen ($269.50 USD)

Coffee Dripper & Stand Set

Three Piece Brass and Glass Coffee Drip Stand Set (**Orders for this item will ship on 11.20.2023)
The set includes a mold-blown glass filter holder, glass and brass pitcher and a brass stand. * A medium size Kalita Wave Paper filter must be bought separately for use with the set.

Heat-resistant Glass Pitcher: w15.5cm x d8.5cm x h13.6cm (300ml)
Heat-resistant Glass Dripper: w10cm x d10cm x h6.7cm
Brass Stand: w12.5cm x d12.5cm x h18cm

This brass stand was born from a collaboration between the ceramic artist Norikazu Oe and Naoki Chiba (Chiba Metal WorKs), initiated during Analogue Life's exhibition "Coffee Scenery Exhibition" six years ago. Chiba-san later decided to experiment with producing a glass version of the set. Subsequently, he visited various studios and produced samples in an attempt to bring his vision to life. However, it wasn't until six years later that the project finally came to fruition, thanks to the encounter with Koizumi Glassworks.

The dripper and pitcher, meticulously handcrafted using glassblowing techniques, possess subtle variations in shape that make each piece unique. Chiba-san added a brass handle to the pitcher for easy use. The combination of brass and glass results in an elegant and lightweight design. The untreated brass with will develop a warm patina as it naturally ages over time.


  • Dimensions: W 15.5cm x D 12.5cm x H 21.5cm
  • Weight: 925g
  • Material: Brass / Glass
  • Product No: CFE-CHN-50
  • Made in Japan