Iron Coaster

Brand: Suzuki Morihisa Studio
3,200 yen ($20.29 USD)

Nambu Iron Coaster / dia 7.7cm

Suzuki Morihisa Studio
Suzuki Morihisa Workshop is a venerable studio in the world of Nanbu ironware, boasting a 400-year history. The current 15th generation head of the workshop, Shiiko Suzuki, holds the distinction of being the first female kettle master in the history of Nanbu ironware. Her creations are celebrated for their soft forms and geometric patterns born from a unique female perspective, earning her numerous awards.

Shiiko Suzuki's son, Shigeo Suzuki, who is set to become the 16th generation head, is also actively engaged in production within the workshop. However, the lineup predominantly comprises works from the 13th and 15th generations. What sets Suzuki Morihisa Studio apart is not only their commitment to preserving the legacy of past generations but also the individual design approaches taken by each successive head. As a result, the workshop's style may vary, but quality and the signature rust color remain consistent, transcending time.


  • Dimensions: W 7.7cm x D 7.7cm x H 1cm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Material: Iron
  • Product No: SUZ-03
  • Made in Japan