Tadafusa Petty Knife

Brand: Tadafusa
9,000 yen ($57.37 USD)

Blade 12.5cm, Full length 22.8cm

The craftsmen at Tadafusa have been producing hand-forged, knives for professional use for three generations. This series, designed for ordinary household use combine a contemporary look with their traditional blade making technique. The blades, a combination of SLD steel (edge) and stainless steel ( blade body) are rust-resistance for easy maintenance, and the high carbon content lends the knife an excellent sharpness and impressive edge life. The handle is made of heat-treated chestnut and is comfortable to hold and work with. The treatment reduces the woods ability to absorb water and increases its resistance to bacteria. The petty is an excellent general use knife for cutting fruits and vegetables.


  • Dimensions: W 3.5cm x H 22.8cm
  • Weight: 125g
  • Material: Stainless Steel (Blade) / SLD Steel (edge) / Chestnut (handle)
  • Product No: K-27-1
  • Made in Japan