Copper Nabe

Brand: Fuukidou
54,000 yen ($345.26 USD)
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Two Handle Copper Nabe Pot / dia 22cm x h12cm

Fuukidou’s pots have exquisite hammered surfaces and are finished with a tin baking process that gives the copper a distinctive coloration that will be preserved even after years of use with only a gently change over time. The interior of each pot is tin lined.

** For use with gas burners only.

Fuukidou has been producing hammered copperware in Tsubame City, Niagata Prefecture, spanning three generations of the Fujii family since the company was founded by the late Tomiji Fujii in 1945 (Showa 20). The second generation was led by Hiroshi Fujii, and the third generation is currently led by his son, Takeshi Fujii. Hammered copperware refers to copperware that is "hammered" and "raised", where a single copper plate is annealed and various sized hammers are used to beat and raise it into vessel shapes.


  • Dimensions: W 30cm x D 22cm x H 12cm
  • Weight: 1858g
  • Material: Copper / Tin
  • Product No: FU-018
  • Made in Japan